Shopping for Maternity Clothes as a Full Figured Woman

In the world of plus sizes, I’m not really that plus sized. I’m currently on the cusp of the higher end non-plus size clothing and the lowest end of the plus sizes. Neither really seem to fit me right, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about today!  I wanted to share my adventures on shopping for maternity clothes as a full figured pregnant woman.

While lots of places have super cute maternity clothes, a lot of them don’t take into account that full figured women also get pregnant and want to wear clothes that accentuate their bump as well, not walk around in mumus for nine months. I know I certainly did. I was happy to be pregnant and excited to show off my bump and the baby growing inside of me. And so I went on a search for clothes that did just that.

I ultimately purchased clothes from three places: Motherhood Maternity, JC Penny and Bravado Designs.

I loved the clothes from Motherhood, and they were what I wore throughout my entire pregnancy. I purchased everything in their 1x size, and in hindsight, I bet I could have worn their largest non-plus size, but the plus clothes fit me very well and I was happy with everything that I purchased. I loved the way the pants fit, and the variety of clothes that were available. I even bought a maxidress that I ended up being able to pair up with one of my suit jackets to dress it up for client meetings. I was able to find a local store to try the clothes on, most importantly the pants! But I also purchased items online throughout my pregnancy. The only complaint that I had was that I apparently wasn’t as busty as many women, because I didn’t fill out some of the tops as well as I’d have liked.

I did need some nicer clothes for work, and while I was able to find some at Motherhood, I actually found that JC Penny had a good selection of dress clothes appropriate for work that worked out well for me. They were not quite as nice quality as the clothes from Motherhood, but they were still nice clothes! They were less expensive, and often on sale, which was nice. I definitely liked the Motherhood clothing better, but a few of the items I bought at JC Penny did become favorites in my maternity wardrobe.

About the end of my first Trimester, I grew out of my bras. When looking for new bras, I wanted something less structured (i.e. without an underwire) for comfort, but that still provided support. I also was getting chaffed nipples (solved with applying lanolin after my shower every morning and wearing a softer bra), so I wanted something softer and cotton. I went to the mom and baby center at the hospital to be fitted for some nursing bras – even though they recommend waiting for your milk to come in before purchasing very many. I found some fantastic Bravado Designs bras, the Body Silk Seamless Bra, that were fantastic. They were soft, comfortable and stretchy so that they grew with me. Additionally, I could still use them after the baby was born. I purchased them in the XL size, and I have three of them that I still use today.

Speaking of Bravado Designs, and somewhat not related, their nursing tanks are FABULOUS! I wore them the entire three months of my maternity leave, and they are still part of my “weekend uniform”. I cannot recommend them enough. They are absolutely worth the money.

On the topic of undergarments, I never did find any “maternity” underwear that I liked. I bought some from Motherhood in two different styles, but I hated them. Several ladies suggested trying some Belevation panties, but I simply couldn’t justify the cost (maybe I should have, I might have loved them!). I ended up just buying a larger size of some Hanes granny panties that were super soft and comfortable and worked through the end of my pregnancy without problem.

I also just used my regular yoga pants and a pair of sweatpants that were a little large on me for working out and lounging around the house. Towards the end of my pregnancy they started to feel a little more snug, but never to the point they were uncomfortable to wear. I found that my regular t-shirts worked fine as loungewear early in my pregnancy, but were woefully short by my third trimester.

All in all, the maternity clothes I purchased were fairly expensive relative to the short period of time that you wear them, and you could probably find some cheaper if you looked, but after trying so hard to get pregnant I spoiled myself and I don’t have a single regret about it. I didn’t have any problems finding things to fit me, you just had to shop around to find what you wanted.


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