A Quick Update from a Slightly Less Overwhelmed New Mom

So, I’m trying to get back to this blog in a more regular fashion. Mostly I really miss having a venue to brain dump and work through my thoughts, feelings and emotions. And as it turns out I have A LOT of those in my current post-partum state. I emerged from the “fourth trimester” two months ago, but just now finally feel like my feet might, in fact, be under me. As I opened up the blog, I found seveal draft posts that are almost a full year old. Oy vey! I had a great debabte about whether or not to just delete them, but decided to go ahead an finish them out. Partly because they will be easy to write, and a good way to ease myself back into the blog without becoming a blubbering mess as I write the posts I’m finally ready to share about post partum, depression and the struggles of motherhood that no one really talks about.
As such, the next few posts that you see pop up may seem like dated topics in relation to where I am at with my journey into motherhood, and that is because they are! But hopefully they will help me get back into a more regular groove and talk about more current events that I’m dealing with and would like to share. I make no promises about how regular my posts will arrive, but I did promise myself that I would get back to blogging because it’s healthy for me. So hopefully that means there will be more regular activity here in the coming weeks!


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