The Best Thing I Bought Early in My Pregnancy

A some point early in my second trimester I cam across an item called a Snoogle. Despite the fact that I really liked the way the word “Snoogle” sounded when I said it, I was curious as to what function it served and if it would be worth the ticket price. So I read the advertisement on the packaging and decided that, yup! I needed a Snoogle. I brought it home, vacated the other pillows on my bed, and discovered my new best friend!

I have absolutely loved this thing. It is comfortable in any position, including using to prop you up on nights your heartburn is so bad you simply can’t sleep lying down (which fortunately for me have been very few). I have zero regrets about this impulse purchase and would hands down recommend it to anyone. In fact, it’s going to be hard going back to my traditional pillows after the baby comes! Well…not too hard, I’m a stomach sleeper by nature and will likely very easily transition back to sleeping that way.

The only thing I would recommend is buying a cover for the Snoogle that has a zipper. This makes it much easier to remove for washing and replace back on the Snoogle after washing. I took one look at the cover on it, and said “forget trying to take that on and off”. I also have zero regrets about that decision! This is the cover that I bought and it has been great.

I should give you one warning about the Snoogle. Pets love it! Every time I get up, our dog ninjas a spot in the Snoogle. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of the night and I’m coming back to bed, or once I get out of bed for the morning. I turn around, and she has commandeered herself a prime spot! See the proof below!


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