It’s Been Three Months Since My Last Post

Some of you might have already guessed what the prolonged silence here meant. Some of you may have thought that I’d just been busy or forgotten about the blog. And some of you may have keyed into my lack of frustration and ranting on other social media venues. And for those who haven’t, or would just like some confirmation, here you go:

I am (finally) Pregnant!

(it’s a girl!)

It has been a completely nerve wracking, terrifying and exciting three months. Constantly questioning if this is really happening. Waiting for something to inevitably go wrong. Being hyper sensitive to every little ache and twinge in my body. But here I am, successfully through the end of the first trimester. And, well, I think this is really going to happen!

I suppose that maybe I should turn back time about three months, and start from there. We completed our fifth and final IUI in August, just before my birthday. We had a reconference with the doctor regarding our most recent lab results, and had decided that we were ready to go ahead with the jump into IVF. We would complete this current cycle, make sure that we’d done everything the insurance required for IVF coverage, and start the IVF process our next cycle. It was a done deal. We were ready to move forward and as my 37th birthday passed me by, we were keenly aware the time was not on our side for this adventure.

On August 24th, I received some lab results back from my hematologist. Of note was that my CRP, which was 5.1 and greatly improved in my last reading, had doubled and was back up to 11.2. We had known from the conversations with the RE that pregnancy itself might bring on some autoimmune responses, so I rushed down the block to the drug store and bought a pregnancy test. I sat in the bathroom at work afraid to be optimistic – and yet when that three minute marker passed, there was a definitive second line present.

Even though I wasn’t supposed to do a urine test for another day, I know from experience that the HCG from my trigger shots are out of my system 10 days after administration. So despite being a day early, I called the clinic, explained that I was a little concerned because my CRP was up again (and my WBC for that matter) but had gotten a positive pregnancy test and was worried this was indicative of an autoimmune response and that I was concerned about another loss. They had me come in that afternoon for an HCG and Progesterone blood draw, and sure enough it said I was pregnant. The RE said we can expect my CRP to rise with pregnancy, so he wasn’t concerned about that – but he wasn’t sure what would be causing the elevated WBC. They had me come back in 2 days later for another HCG draw, and my numbers had more than doubled. Another two days after that, and they had doubled again. It looked like this pregnancy was going to hold!

I went in at 5 weeks to have an ultrasound and look for the gestational sac and egg yolk, and sure enough, there it was. It had good placement within my uterus and everything seemed to be progressing as it should be. A week and a half or so later, I went back in for another ultrasound to look for a heartbeat. And there it was, beating away. I was told to schedule an appointment with my OB – who had me come in around 7 weeks 3 days, and there was that little heartbeat again. 9 weeks I had another scan at the clinic, and everything was progressing as it should. The clinic left it up to me if I was ready to graduate yet, but still nervous that something was going to go wrong I asked to come back one more time before the appointment for our genetic testing – just to make sure that everything was still okay. And sure enough, that little heart was chugging away and everything was perfect! An appointment the following week with the OB at 11 weeks 4 days and things were still progressing, with the OB advising me that it would be safe to share our news.

Wanting to wait until we had our genetic results back (I will write another post on this experience in the next few days), we held out another week and a half before sharing the news with family. Which we did this weekend. Which means that it’s time to share the good news with everyone else!

Even though I’m posting this today, I will probably wait until tomorrow to announce on my twitter account. I just thought it would be awkward to have added a few new pages to the blog here…and not say anything! Additionally, I will not be posting updates on my main twitter account. I have created a separate, private account for baby related updates (@MyPapoose) that you are welcome to follow if you’d like. (If you follow, and I don’t follow back, you may want to give me a nudge and let me know who you are!).

I’m sure now that it’s no longer a secret, I will have more regular updates to the blog – and already have a whole list of posts that have been rattling around in my head! Needless to say, I am really excited and can’t wait to chat a little more about everything!


5 thoughts on “It’s Been Three Months Since My Last Post

  1. I can’t even express how happy I am for you! All fingers crossed that everything will just run on smoothly from now on 🙂 The whole child-having process is such an overwhelming, stressful and sensitive matter from the very moment you decide to have one and I’m glad that you now can hopefully finally have more joy than woe. All the luck to you three!

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