Letrozole, Round One

I mentioned in my last post that I was finally able to start some fertility treatments this cycle – which was a much needed relief from the increasing feeling of despair that was starting to settle into my head. I was given Letrozole (Femera) to help stimulate super ovulation – or the creation of more than one egg per cycle. When this was first suggested to me, I questioned it since I was ovulating every month already. But as this process has started to drag on longer, I welcome any help I can get!

The Letrozole treatments weren’t terrible on my body, but they also weren’t without side effects. One of the five days I had a wicked headache that made me want to just sit around in a dark room all day. One of the days I woke up at 2:00 am with an upset stomach that kept me awake for another two hours. And most days I had intermittent periods where I would feel very flush or mildly nauseous. But, overall, it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t notice any huge mood swings and I largely felt that I could easily deal with my day.

However, any discomfort that I felt seemed to be worth it as my body had a very positive response to the treatment and I produced a whopping five eggs this cycle. That being said, my body will only produce enough LH to release maybe three of the five. As such, it was suggested that I do some HCG injections to trigger a release of up to all five of the eggs. I was encouraged to pursue this treatment, as the additional risk for multiples with the letrozole + injection wasn’t much higher than with the letrozole alone. Because each egg has a 20% chance to become fertilized, I am pretty excited about the odds should all five of them release.

While I know it is foolish to feel too hopeful at this juncture, it’s hard not to feel just a little excited at the possiblities. I am excited that I had such a positive response to the Letrozole and I am excited about the aggressive approach we are taking. Even if this round isn’t successful (which I am sure will be upsetting), I am pleased about the options open to me right now.

Here’s hoping that this cycle will finally be the one that is successful!


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