And so it has started.

After a disappointing experience with my doctor’s office last week (which I was going to blog about, and still might!) and the realization that I was going to have to spend christmas surrounded by someone else’s children (which I was also going to blog about), to say that I had a rough weekend would be a little bit of an understatement. However, Monday morning seemed to have turned that all around. You see, I had a visit with my doctor yesterday.  Of the things that occurred during my visit, we learned that my huge ovarian cyst had completely absorbed itself and was no longer present. (yay!). I could start trying to get pregnant again! I was sent to (finally) get my initial blood work done for my infertility, I was started on my first cycle of infertility medication and I have a Hysterosalpingogram scheduled for this Thursday.

After thirteen months of trying to conceive, I am finally starting to feel like something is finally happening. And despite the fact that I’m still not pregnant, these steps have given me a much needed pick me up in this process. Last week I was frustrated to the point of questioning is all of this was even worth it. I very much want a child, but I am so tired of constantly feeling sad because it’s not happening and despite my best efforts everything seems to be going wrong and I can’t catch a break. But after yesterday’s appointment I left the doctor’s office with a slight spring in my step and feeling hopeful – something I haven’t felt in months.

Amongst other things, I started a cycle of Letrozole (Femara) last night. I am actually quite happy to be on Letrozole, as opposed to Clomid, as after much research it is my understanding that it is much easier on the body and has fewer side effects. So far I think the side effects that I am experiencing are mild nausea and some drowsiness. But I also recognize that this is one day of a five day treatment and that I may feel differently on day five than I did on day one. One thing to note with any fertility drug that causes superovulation is that there is an increased chance of multiples in your pregnancy – as you are releasing more than one egg. However, the research shows that multiples are less frequent with the Letrozole than with some of the other options. Although at this point I would be happy with whatever happened.

Apparently one of the benefits of this test that I am doing on Thursday is that, in addition to looking for problems, the dye that is injected acts to “flush” my tubes out. This subsequently means that I will be more fertile for a two to three month window after the test, and should have an increased chance of conceiving. I won’t complain if this happens to be the case.

I don’t know how long my positive thinking/feelings/whatever will last – but I will say that beginning this treatment was a much needed boost to my morale.


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