So after another month of trying at the end of January/early February and being unsuccessful again, I have started to become more jaded and less optimistic when it comes to peeing on sticks. More specifically, the ones that tell you that you are not pregnant. It’s not that I don’t want a positive result, it’s simply less emotionally draining if you set your mind to expect a negative. Less disappointment.

Anyhow, I had resolved myself this month to wait until the day may period started before taking another test. Because, well, the buggers are expensive and I don’t know, I was trying to live up to that whole negative attitude thing. I ovulated on February 22, so my period isn’t scheduled to start until this coming Thursday or Friday. However, for whatever reason, last night I decided that I was going to go ahead and pee on one of those early result sticks anyhow.

So there I was, sitting on the toilet, reading Ready Player One, thinking “tell me I’m not pregnant already so I can get on with my month. And, of course, everything started a I expected – the control line appeared and I continued to ignore it, waited a few minutes (I was in a good part of the book!), picked up the stick to toss it into the trash and stopped. Something was different. It was faint, but there was definitely a second line staring back at me. It was very light, but it stayed there hours later, and was still there this morning.

Of course, my first thought was “there is no way that is a positive…is it?”. So I went to the Internet and sure enough there were a million pictures and commentary where this very faint line was in fact a positive. I sat down trying to take my mind off it some, because what if it isn’t REALLY a positive. I made a cup of tea, played some video games and decided that I would simply pee on another stick later.

Of course, the next stick I peed on was negative. Although, to be fair, the urine was pretty diluted and I probably shouldn’t have tested. So I resolved to do another, and ran out for some more tests and dinner. When I got home I sat down and ate, read some more Ready Player One, and when I had to pee again got another negative. Okay, no big deal. I will take another in the morning.

So I woke up this morning, fresh full of more urine. And got another negative. I am now twelve days past ovulation. The positive I got was from very concentrated urine, but I would think my first visit of the day would also be concentrated. So now, after four tests, one positive and three negative, I’m questioning if that first test was a fluke.

Now, I’ve read a million things that say that tests, even of the same brand and in the same box, can have different sensitivities, and thus give varying results. I’ve also read that something like 15% of pregnancies result in early miscarriage, but can result in positive tests. And I’ve read to wait two days to retest (pffft…who HONESTLY has that much patience?).

At this point, I almost think I’d rather assume it’s negative and see if my period arrives at the end of the week. I mean, only ONE test had the positive. And those aren’t the greatest odds. If the weekend passes and still nothing, I will probably call my doctor.

Or…maybe I’ll try peeing on different brands and see what they say. Because patience may be a virtue, but isn’t my strongest attribute. I’m hesitant to get my hopes up at this faint, barely visible pink line, mostly because I don’t want to be devastated.

I’m curious if anyone else has had an experience like this and what those experiences were!


2 thoughts on “Positive?

  1. Glad to see you are enjoying the book šŸ™‚
    In my impatient phase, I would remind myself that before tests women had to wait much, MUCH longer(or, kill a rabbit)!! Can you imagine that?!

  2. Hmmm I waited and only tested on my period due date, mainly because so many people end up with chemical pregnancies where it miscarriages and just seems like a heavy period in week 4. In saying that when I did fall pregnant with this bubby, I tested at 4 weeks and was negative, tested at 4 weeks 3 days and it was positive. When I had the dating scan we worked out that I was actually only 3 weeks pregnant when the positive test came back so if your HCG levels are high enough a positive could definitely show up prior to your period being due! I make Mark keep the pregnancy tests so I couldn’t just keep randomly doing them in anxious anticipation – don’t know how expensive they are in the US but they are about $7 a test here so really not worth wasting too many šŸ™‚ I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you – though I’m assuming you already know one way or another!

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