I Could Only Wish To Be Fourteen Again

Apparently one of the more pleasant side effects of birth control is that it tends to squelch a lot of ugly skin problems that you may experience. Something you don’t necessarily appreciate until you are no longer on birth control. Since I have stopped mine my face has simply exploded. I haven’t felt this self conscious since I dropped my camisole (that my mom had me wear under my dress shirt for band concerts) getting off the bus in the seventh grade.

I have acne in places I never recall having it before, and my face is so oily that I feel I should siphon myself into a jar so that I have fuel to supply a light source in an emergency. I mean, seriously!

Which brings me to problem two: treating it.

You see, I made the mistake of googling pregnancy friendly face care a while back. Actually, that part really wasn’t the mistake. Clicking the links that took me to a variety of pregnancy boards was. Anyhow, I can’t unsee what I saw, so now I must live with the consequences. Which means I am now hyper paranoid/concerned about what I am using to care for my skin while trying to conceive – and subsequently once I am pregnant. I did find a few recommendations that seemed….sane. And after talking to a few folks, I opted to go to my local Aveda store for some product.

Now, it’s been years since I have used anything that I couldn’t just pick up at Target. Apparently at some point in your life paying ridiculous amounts for skin care products seemingly becomes less of a priority. Anyhow, I knew when I made my decision to stop just using my lovely Oil of Olay skin scrub it was a costly decision – but it didn’t make the sticker shock any less brutal upon investigating the Aveda products. After talking to the clerk at the store, I opted to go with the Biotanical Kinetics line. I picked up a small “starter” kit, to see if I liked the results and ended up also grabbing the oil absorbing mud mask (because, oh god THE OIL).

I haven’t 100% decided if I like it yet – and I have a mild concern over the salicylic acid in the exfoliant (I may opt to look for a different exfoliant once I am pregnant), but it’s not terrible and outside of the exfoliant product is pregnancy friendly.

I suspect that it will take some time for my skin to acclimate itself to no longer having the birth control in my system, and I know that any new skin regimen is going to take time to work, but man does it suck in the interim. I mean, really, REALLY suck. I guess on the bright side, it will only get better! (I hope!).


4 thoughts on “I Could Only Wish To Be Fourteen Again

  1. Ugh! Acne. The Body Shop (http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com) used to make the most awesome scrub. Japanese Exfoliating scrub. It was just ground up Adzuki beans! They don’t make it anymore, but it is easy to make… if you can get the beans. (http://berlinswhimsy.typepad.com/berlins_whimsy/2009/11/natural-facial-scrub.html) Also, sugar. Added to any wash, instant exfoliatey goodness sans the plastic beads that kill our oceans :/ That’s usually what I use these days.

    I always found the Aveda stuff too heavily scented for me personally. When I was pregnant just about any smell sent me a-puking! I did like the lotion from this line – not scented and paraben free, http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com/body-products/natural-baby-body-product/buriti-baby-mini-baby-essentials.aspx Doesn’t appear they sell it on it’s own now though, maybe they are out of stock!

    I’ve found my skin stablises best when I don’t wash it with anything too harsh and use an oil free lotion moisturiser during the day and a heavier cream at night. But, everyone’s skin is different. Good luck finding something that works!!

    • love it! I agree its fantastic and I’m glad it isn’t as big a deal in Australia – in the US it seems that formula is pushed heaps more šŸ™‚

  2. I’m not sure if they have this stuff in the US but seriously the simplest and definitely some of the cheapest stuff to use is the QV range (also what dermatologists recommend for eczema) that you can just purchase at a pharmacy. This is also what the hospital recommended for washing your baby with with it is a brand spanking fresh newbie!

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